Work, Study and Become a Permanent 

Resident in Canada




Visa processing in 1 Month

Be in Canada in 30 days!


Canada offers a quality of life!

This is Canada!

Canada launched just recently the easiest, fastest and economical visa that would lead you, your spouses and kids to work while studying and become PERMANENT RESIDENTS.

If you are a college degree holder with or without work experience and/or a high school diploma holder with 5 years of work experience, you are qualified.

 It’s a 2-year course that requires you to attend classes 9 hours per week and work for 20 hours per week.  For married students, full-time work for your spouses with free schooling for your children.

 Basically, there is a shortage of manpower for all types of skills to fill in vacant jobs.

 The visa processing takes just a month!

 Take advantage before it closes since this program is also offered to India, Vietnam and China.

 Apply Now! Contact us for more details!

Why Canada

The first inhabitants of Canada were Aboriginal peoples, believed to have arrived from Asia thousands of years ago by the way of a land bridge between Siberia and Alaska. Four hundred years ago, travelers from France and Great Britain began to explore the country in earnest.

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“Hello! How are you? We’re doing okay here, in Canada. My husband is now working in an engineering company and I am still waiting for my nursing credentials. Thank you!”

-Dr. Honorina M. Nagpacan

“Thanks Coui Canada for being a part of our happiness!”

-Angie Callos Quimbo

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